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Photo Gallery

Pure copper Snap-Lock Standing Seam architectural metal roofing. (24658 bytes)
Pure 16 oz. copper Snap-Lock. 53' continuous panels at an elevation over 7,100 feet near Mt. Rose in Nevada.
Tahoe City Marina, Tahoe City, California Snap-Lock standing seam metal roofing(37964 bytes)
Over 50,000 square feet of Low Gloss Forest Green Snap-Lock protect this 100 year old roundhouse building now known as the Tahoe City Marina.
Metal roofing on an Alpine Meadows Ski Area home (63968 bytes)
More than 20' of snow falls on this house yearly near the foot of Alpine Meadows Ski Area. No problem for these 40' long roofing panels.
load2.jpg (65487 bytes)
36' Snap-Lock Standing Seam panels on their way to a Tahoe Donner project.  Lengths of more than 100' are available, ensuring NO unsightly endlaps that can leak.
Kauai Contractor's home in Incline Village with standing sema metal roofing. (41032 bytes)
The Incline Village, NV home of a renowned Princeville, Kauai contractor.  Parchment Snap-Lock was his choice.

Custom color Snap-Lock standing seam metal roofing.  (73746 bytes)
This Incline Village home has a one-of-a-kind custom colored Snap-Lock Standing Seam.
Private  gatehouse with Snap-Lock Standing Seam architectural metal roofing.  (22353 bytes)
Providing a safe and secure gateway to several multi-million dollar homes clad with Perma-Lock and Snap-Lock.

Executive home in North Tahoe wtih custom standing seam metal roofing (41247 bytes)
Over ten thousand feet of Parchment Snap-Lock adorn this Incline Village, Nevada home.
MeeksBay3.jpg (57528 bytes)
A classic Old Tahoe waterfront in Meeks Bay, California with 5" thick cedar bark siding is complemented with  Low-gloss Forest Green Snap-Lock. 

Copper1W.jpg (39940 bytes)
Another view of pure copper Snap-Lock.  All stainless steel clips and fasteners ensure centuries of maintenance free performance.
tyc1.jpg (76542 bytes)

The Tahoe Yacht Club and Sierra Vista Restaurant have the Low Gloss Forest Green Snap-Lock to improve the appeal from the Lake.

fitz.jpg (47596 bytes)

This classic home with barrel vault dormers has a metallic copper Snap-Lock Standing Seam roof, complete with copper clad fascias.

Fallen Leaf Lake Stanford Camp cabins with Forest Green Snap-Lock standing seam metal roofing (36501 bytes)

At the foot of Mt. Tallac, over forty waterfront homes in the Stanford tract at Fallen Leaf Lake use Low-Gloss Forest Green Snap-Lock.

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