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Sierra Steel Tiles began as The Steeltile Company in 1972. The inventor had a vision to have these shingles on his own home and began a system to manufacture them. He was keenly aware of the properties of steel, and knew about Cor-Ten steel. Cor-Ten, a trademark of U.S. Steel, was developed about 80 years ago to provide a solution to the never-ending paint protection common among bare metals.

Cor-Ten Steel, aka “Weathering Steel” develops a protective oxide finish after exposure to the elements. Studies at Kirkwood Meadows, which averages more than 500 inches of snow annually, indicate that the degradation of the Sierra Steel Tiles is less than 20% over a thirty-year period.

Having 40-year old installations available for inspection enlightens us in many ways.  Simple improvements on many details will greatly increase the performance and longevity of the roofing. The new generation of Sierras will provide decades of performance and ultimate architectural appeal.